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"Gotcha Covered" Bridal Package




1)A consultation where we would try out a look you had in mind! Gives you piece of mind before the big day!

2) Makeup application for another event such as an engagement shoot, boudoir session, or bridal shower.

3) Makeup application on the actual wedding day!

*includes false lashes for all 3 occasions, and all travel for all 3 events unless out of state. This also includes $50 booking fee for wedding day. This does NOT include payment for bridal party.*

Bridal Application


This includes makeup application for the day of your wedding!

A 60 minute session dedicated to perfecting how you desire to look on your big day!






*Lashes are included, travel is included up to 40 miles from home address, $50 booking fee & bridal party application is not included.*

Bridesmaid Application


This includes makeup application for the bridesmaid on the wedding day! This can be paid for by the bride, or by the bridesmaid herself. This includes a 40 min session of whatever the bridesmaid desires! They must look and feel beautiful on this day as well.

*Lashes are included, travel is included up to 40 miles from home address,  included.*





Bridal Party Package

Prices vary

2 -$125.00

3 - $215.00

4 - $275.00

5- $345.00

6 - $425.00

Are you a bride that is paying for all of your bridal party? Here are some bridal party packages that you can choose from! These are discounted rates based on the amount of bridesmaids and time needed to perform the application. 

(if your bridesmaids plan on paying individually it would be $75.00 a person.)

*lashes are included, travel, booking fee, and individual bridal application or packages do not apply to these prices.*

Hair Styling

Prices starting at $35.00

The pricing varies on the difficulty of the hair style that is desired.

This service may be added on to any other service for the starting price of $35.00, only applicable for bridal parties of 3 and under!










*hair accessories are not included and the makeup artist has the right to say no due to level of difficulty of style*

Mother of the Bride/ Mother in Law


Mother deserve to be all dolled up too!

This service the same type of application as any other member of the bridal party, whatever is desired!

If you are worried about mature skin, do not worry! I use special techniques and products that will help smooth out fine lines and wrinkles!

*lashes are included, if there are any special requests please make them ahead of time*

Groomsmen Application


This service includes just an evening out of skin tone, covering of blemishes and setting face with powder to last if you plan on dancing the night away!

*this would be an additional fee on top of the other fees if the bride is paying as well. Individual payment welcomed*

There is also a $50 booking fee to reserve the spot on my calendar. This booking fee protects the artist in case of a cancellation and is non-refundable, unless due to a Covid-19 related circumstance. This booking fee will be refunded to the client in case the makeup artist needs to cancel for any reason. This booking fee amount does not apply to the final total due on the day of. This is a separate cost.

If you are interested in any of these services please click the "Contact" button. That will link you straight to my email, with the subject line you are inquiring about! 

In the email if you could please include the following:


Cell Number

Reason for email

and all of the services that you would need, it would be greatly appreciated. 

Much love, 

Sky Marie Beauty Team 

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